The solution makes it possible to manage the quality and efficiency of pumping-over activities during the winemaking period.

It was design and developed at the request of Bordeaux winegrowers and oenologists and is based on Clairéo's experience in injecting air into wine liquids and on a patent that has been in the public domain since 1962.

The principle

What use ?

The principle consists of injecting air into a fermenting vat using a stainless steel rod that is immersed from the top. The injected air allows the must to rise from the inside of the tank, which thus crosses the marc in its entirety. This method allows the cap to be destructured to a greater or lesser extent depending on the power used in order to avoid preferential paths.

Why this equipment ?

Air-vinif allows a qualitative gain in the extraction but also a significant saving of time. It is also distinguished by its ease of use thanks to the equipment's control via a wireless remote control. This unique system also includes a power variator that allows the intensity of the injected air to be adjusted to suit different tank volumes as well as the thickness and density of the marc cap.

Gains and interest

Qualitative, Economic, Environmental

This new reassembly method is now favoured by a growing number of professionals looking for gentle and delicate extractions. All of them recognise that this equipment allows for optimal management of this process, more efficient than with traditional systems.

The equipment

What are the components ?

The equipment consists of a blower that can be fixed on a base, on a piece of furniture or on a wall as well as a stainless steel rod that can vary in length from 2 metres to 3.50 metres, depending on the depth of the vats. At the end of the pipe, immersed in the tank, is a nozzle that diffuses large air bubbles or CO2 from the fermenting must. The nozzle fixed on the rod is removable, different types of diffusing nozzles are available with orifice sizes varying according to the desired pressure.

Examples of locations

Air-Vinif in Kit - Ready to be fixed in a vat (stainless steel base supplied)

Air-Vinif on a support - Amphora

Testimonial of Clairéo customers based in Bordeaux area (France)

Estimated Gains in figures for the reassembly activity

Saving time in the winery
Power consumption
Water consumption