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wine solutions to optimize your yields, consumption and carbon footprint

Clairéo offers services and solutions to meet winegrowers' economic and environmental challenges. With more than 100 customers in the South West of France, our company is one of the market leaders with a 100% natural, economical and sustainable winery wastewater treatment solution.

Our aim is to provide you with solutions to better understand the natural elements of your entire wine-making process, such as Air and Water.


Our environmental approach

The winery wastewater treatment, a real challenge for the ecological transition of the wine sector

Clairéo offers solutions for treating winery, distillery and phytosanitary wastewater to meet the major challenge of our time: the environment conservation.

Therefore, it is important to act and make decisions now to reduce our environmental impact by limiting our water consumption, respecting biodiversity and optimizing our carbon footprint.

Indeed, the wine sector, like any other sector, must limit its impact on the ecology. Our industry plays an important role in this transition through the discharge of winery wastewater. These discharges generated by the production of wine and discharged, without being treated, into an aquatic environment can disturb its biological balance

. Committed to a environment approach, Clairéo decided to provide a simple, effective and sustainable response to the problem of the winery wastewater treatment. We favor the implementation of a low energy consumption system in order to optimize your carbon footprint and we use a natural treatment technology (phyto-purification: degradation of polluting organic matters thanks to the root system of the reeds).

The Clairéo system will allow you to enhance your environmental approach by becoming compliant with the standards for the treatment of winery wastewater.

We have launched our own Clairéo label "Aquatic Environment Friendly Winegrower" and already have more than 100 certified customers in France and abroad.

So, too, become more respectful of the environment by treating your effluents using our system and obtain the Clairéo certification "Aquatic Environment Friendly Winegrowert"!


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