Let our bacteria take care of your effluents!

Phytobarre is an innovative new product offered by Adéquabio, that treats phytosanitary effluents using a simple and natural technology: water evaporation and bacterial processing.

This treatment system was recognized in 2018 by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (PT18001) and Clairéo has been distributing and installing it in the southwest of France since 2019.

The system in pictures

Clairéo traitement des effluents phytosanitaires

How does it work?

The station is covered by a transparent roof which allows the sun to pass through it to allow evaporation.

First of all, the sprayers go through a washing station which collects the polluted water. Then, it is stored in tanks populated by a unique colony of photosynthetic bacteria.

The water collects in the first tank, it naturally evaporates and the remaining volume is processed by photosynthetic bacteria..

Depending on the volume of phytosanitary effluents produced by each property, we can set up two to six tanks in series. Each tank has a storage capacity of 9 cubic metres.

Photosynthetic bacteria

The bacteria are manufactured under a CEA license (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission) and are the fruit of more than 25 years of research.

Bacteria continuously degrade the active substances, which reduces pollutants in effluents by more than 95% !


The water naturally evaporates from the basins. This reduces the volumes stored without any liquid discharge into the environment.


  • There are no effluents to spread.
  • There is no maintenance to do during the season.
  • A single population of bacteria added at the start of the season ensures processing for the year.

Included services

  • Support:
    • Depending on your activity and your practices, we assess together the volume of phytosanitary effluents to be treated and we help you to determine your needs.
    • We support you setting-up and using your treatment station.
  • Optimize performance:
    • After defining your needs together, we offer you a tailored and optimized solution (number of pools, orientation, location, ...).

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