The VITIROVER Shepherd

Intelligent robotic lawnmower to manage grass

We offer an innovative service with this autonomous robot lawnmower. It makes it possible to no longer use a herbicide such as glyphosate and to avoid injury to the vine plants.

Each robot can cover up to 2 hectares, and we can manage up to 100 hectares with a single herd. Thanks to this, you will no longer have any chemical or noise pollution!

An intelligent and practical robot

  • The robot uses solar panels
    • It doesn't require any other source of power.
  • It's lightweight compared to conventional lawn mowers at just 20 Kg
    • It prevents soil compaction.
  • It eliminates the use of Glyphosate on your plots
    • It provideshealthier plots.

Sub-contract mowing out to our Shepherd

  • Turnkey grass-management:
    • We take care of maintenance and supervision of the robots.
  • Our Shepherd manages and supervises the robots remotely:
    • He intervenes to resolve problems if necessary.
  • He follows their work and their performance in real time and he has a global view on each robot (energy consumption, battery, GPS position, logs...).


  • You pay a monthly fee and have no equipment to buy
  • We maintain every aspect of your grass-management
  • Our teams supervise the robots' work
  • We guarantee results
  • No risk of cutting a vine plant (major advantage)
  • The worry-free, economical and ecological solution

They are talking about VitiRover...

#MyPositiveImpact - Fondation Nicolas Hulot

Article from "Réussir Vigne"

Château Canon La Gaffelière is testing the Vitirover on a part of its vineyard. Review of two seasons of experience.

Based in Saint-Émilion in Gironde, the Château Canon La Gaffelière has been testing the Vitirover mowing robot for two seasons. “On the 20 hectares of the vineyard, we experimented with Vitirover on one hectare in 2018, two hectares in 2019, explains Nicola Fagotto, research and development manager at Vignobles des Comtes von Neipperg, owner of Château Canon La Gaffelière, certified in organic farming. We were looking for a solution to maintain the vines without passing a tractor. "[...] now no more tillage is carried out under the row, permanently grassed. "The only tool that approaches the vines is the Vitirover," appreciates Nicola Fagotto. On vineyards where there are many old vines, as is the case at Canon La Gaffelière, the absence of tractor-mounted tools that come into contact with the vine has a very significant positive impact in terms of scraping. The vine replacement rate fell sharply. " read more