New Equipment: Launch Vinitech Sifel Show 2020

to optimize your pumping over process

The solution makes it possible to qualitatively and efficiently manage the pumping-over activities during the vinification period.

What is that ?

The principle consists of injecting air into the tank using a stainless steel rod that the we immerse from above. The injected air allows the must to be raised from the inside of the tank which thus passes through the marc in its entirety.
This method allows the cap to be more or less unstructured depending on the power used in order to avoid paths preferential.

Why ?

Clairévin is distinguished by its maneuverability thanks to the control of the equipment via a wireless remote control.

This unique system allows you to adjust the intensity of the injected air in order to adapt to different sizes of tanks as well as to the thickness and density of the marc cap.


How it works ?

The equipment consists of a blower attached to a stainless steel trolley (so that the latter can move from tank to tank) and a stainless steel rod with a length that can vary from 2 meters to 3, 50 meters, depending on the depth of the tanks. At the end of the rod, submerged in the tank, is a nozzle that diffuses large air bubbles (or CO2). The tip attached to the rod is removable and the dimensions of the orifices may vary according to the desired pressure.

The system is easily connected by connecting to any type of three-phase socket and simply requires the property to have a flexible pipe, with mâcon connector, with a diameter of 40 or 50 depending on the cellar equipment.


  • Power variator (2 to 4 Kw)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Air filter
  • Ergonomics of the Cane with handle and dimensions variables
  • Phase control
  • Time delay management
  • Custom fixed unit possible

Earnings and Interest

In the cellar, this equipment represents a considerable saving of time and allows the reassembly operation to be carried out in less than 5 minutes instead of 1 to 2 hours per day and per tank. Clairévin therefore saves tens or even hundreds of hours during each vinification. Its return on investment is therefore extremely rapid and can be achieved in less than a year.

Qualitative gains

  • Quality of tannins
  • Quality of presses
  • Control of the process


  • Working time

Environmental gains

  • Reduction of water and electricity consumption
  • Reduction of wine effluents

Customer testimonials 2020 harvest

Tested and validated

Developed in the first half of 2020, the first Clairévin equipment was used in real condition during the 2020 harvest in several properties in the Bordeaux vineyard and approved by locally and internationally renowned oenologists.

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